Happy and back

I am glad to say that I am back. I have tons of things to do and lot of things to take pictures of. I truly appreciate everybody good feelings and thoughts when I was away. Sometimes you truly have to step back and reorganize your life.
Well mines is far to be organize (most likely as my inventory lol) however things are pretty smooth in real life so I can continue having fun in my second life as always.

As a gift for the appreciation and kind words during this time away I have a little gift. 
I found myself looking for a place where to live again, and I decided to build this little skybox.
It is simple and clean, but more important incredible cheap. It has two versions with sounds and without sounds. It cost L$50 and it has a lot of great characteristics.
I hope you girls and guys like it!!!!
You can find it at my marketplace store. Soon more products.

Dreams Skybox L$50, Brocolli Arquitecture

... Kisses

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